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Hydraulic power-assisted steering wheels, steering wheel rotation and reduce the strength of the pipe up to the driver to give the vehicle more easily arranged. This was used in the hydraulic pressures. In addition, the low rate of steering systems and the vehicle when parking, more time and power to help ensure that the vehicle speed increases, reducing the amount of power assistance to ensure a more comfortable and safe driving.
Power Steering System Operation, providing two different types of steering effort, the first type of engine that uses the power of a hydraulic system. In the other, an electric motor is used. For the latter, an independent electric motor pumps are used in the front luggage compartment. Both of which produces hydraulic pressure and this hydraulic pressure is applied on a piston in the cylinder. Rack and pinion hydraulic pressure so that the effort will help. The amount of pressure applied on the piston depending on the amount of this aid. Therefore, if you need more steering force, pressure raise. Change in hydraulic pressure, a control valve connected to the main shaft is provided with steering.

Neutral position (straight ahead)
Hydraulic oil from the pump is sent to the control valve. If the control valve is in the neutral position of the control valve through the safety valve flows into the pump hydraulics all returns. At the same time, almost no pressure does not occur, because the pressure is equal on both sides of the cylinder piston and the piston will not move in any direction in this case.

During the return
When the main steering shaft rotates in any direction, the pilot valve moves and closes one of the hydraulic passage. Other gate opens and hydraulic flow rate will cause a change volume. At the same time, causing pressure. As a result, a pressure difference occurs between both sides of the piston and a lower pressure in the piston moves to the side, so that the low pressure side of the hydraulic cylinder, the control valve returns to the pump.

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