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When checking the steering system, steering system, and front wheels, suspension, axles, and the close relationship between the chassis bulundrulmadlıdır mind. For this reason, problems will arise in the suspension system of the drive seems like the steering system problems may be the main reason for the failure. Therefore, before deciding what is the failure of the steering system to take into account of the problems and to control all other possible causes, we will help you save time and effort.

Steering systems, hydraulic and electronic malfunctions, identify possible causes and repair methods explained as follows. These faults show similar mechanical steering systems failures.

Excessive Steering Wheel gap

Steering system is a multi-joint, is expected to be a very small space. Therefore, as a result of excessive wear of the steering system parts, joints loosen and a space to put all on one side, and what will cause the vehicle to navigate through the road. Aşıntılara and vibrations will cause the tires abnormally.

Checks carried out on the vehicle

Steering wheel up and down, left and right, forward and backward movement, and whether there is a good connection on the main shaft to the steering wheel control, whether or not loose balls from the main shaft and the steering column connections is checked for tightness.

The steering wheel gap control

Vehicle was straight-ahead position, the steering wheel turns the front wheels are turned slightly. However, a full rotation of the front wheels is not enough. This is the amount of movement of the steering wheel steering wheel esnadaki deyebiliriz gap. Depending on the variant with the amendment to an acceptable gap limit is 30 mm to not more than that.

If the gap is more, it can result in one or more of the below faults.

* Steering wheel nut tightness inadequate

* Steering gear wear or incorrect adjustment

* Worn connecting joints

* Loose Connections

* Loose balls wheel

* Loose main shaft joints

Wheel Bearing laxity control

The jack in front of the car, while keeping the top and bottom of each wheel is controlled by shaking looseness. If it finds any looseness, probably towers suspension arm ball joint and wheel wear bilyalarında available. When you apply the foot brake and then re-check the gap space is low, the problem is coming from somewhere else bilyalarından wheel. Means that the wheel bearings are totally disappeared with the reason for the gap is the gap.

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