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Steering box function as a sort of mechanical leverage to provide benefit. Because the power required to rotate the front wheels, the drive power is much higher than apply a mechanism directly.

There are four different types of steering box.

STUD endless screw system, a wide-toothed worm attached to the end of the shaft attached to the lever ilebir been endless screw or a nut bolt occurs. Miles turned, the bolt or nut by moving the lever up and down on a worm returns. It is also a different type of system is Stable, where the location of the stud, is V-shaped cam which engages the teeth of the endless screw. Swivel ball gear system, is more complex. The location of the nut, is a ball bearing. Endless gear cavities, teeth instead of rotating balls. B in one or two units, with a pipe (or pipes) connected end to end is hollow. Balls, the tube through the endless re-spin per gear. Rack and pinion system, the end of the pinion shaft, clamped to a rack.

Rack and pinion type, while the remaining boxes, steering rods extending movement wheels steering box to be transmitted, a connection system is required. Each producer, according to self-regulate the geometry of the necessary connection. The aim is to keep the wheels in a position perpendicular to the ground (such as a bump is a hit) and the connection system is to fit into the existing gap. This in turn, passing the motion arm, the leading arm and the intermediate link means arranging several bacilary. Given these features, rack and pinion system is said to be the most superior type: because the connection is very straight forward: two intermediate threaded rod extending from either end of the bar, which is connected to the wheels attached to the steering rods. The only downside to the steering gear rack and pinion system, the vehicle's exact center of the threaded rod covering, front engine placement olanaksızlaştırmasıdır.

Many modern vehicles, steering linkages, has been made even more complex by using AIR DİREKSİYON'ların.

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